Why Notaries shouldn’t waste time on Uber

Instead of writing a long boring story of why self employed notaries (or anyone else fr that matter) shouldn’t use Uber as a way to earn additional money. The video below explains it perfectly. The video by SciQ really breaks down the awful reality of driving as a taxi service. As a mobile notary in […]

Happy New Year!

Now that we have welcomed 2017, let’s hope that it’s better than 2016 for this Traveling Notary. A friendly reminder to all that the notary fees have changed in California: Acknowledgments and Jurats are now $15.00 per signature. The good news is that our traveling fees have not increased. Please do not hesitate to contact […]

A match made in heaven: Notary Public Service and LegalShield

As a Notary Public, I am always notarizing legal documents for people. Usually they print out legal forms from online without truly understanding the legal aspects of the forms; i.e. power of attorney, transfer deed, etc. Typically people do this because they cannot afford an attorney to assist them with their legal needs. That is […]