A match made in heaven: Notary Public Service and LegalShield

As a Notary Public, I am always notarizing legal documents for people. Usually they print out legal forms from online without truly understanding the legal aspects of the forms; i.e. power of attorney, transfer deed, etc. Typically people do this because they cannot afford an attorney to assist them with their legal needs. That is why I just added LegalShield to the list of services I provide. In brief, LegalShield is like legal insurance, where you pay a low monthly membership fee to have access to an established local law firm to answer any legal question you may have, Additionally, they can review documents for you; from car lease agreements, contracts to refinance documents. Here is a link to additional information to whoever may find it useful: https://www.legalshield.com/hub/sbautista.

I myself am a member of LegalShield. I have already used it half a dozen of times. I have called my assigned law firm with questions ranging from contracts, vendor payment issues and other business related issues. Their services covers a lot and whatever isn’t covered, I get a 25% discount on their hourly fee. Best of all, there’s no contract. That’s why I love offering it to my clients every time. So much value for a small monthly fee.

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