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Mobile Notary Services in Woodland Hills

At Fast Notary Service, we understand the need for mobile notary services when you are busy and on the go. That’s why we offer traveling notary public services that will meet all your needs, no matter where you are in Woodland Hills or the surrounding areas. In addition, our professional notaries are available 24/7 to help you with notary loan signing services, document authentication, and more.

Hiring mobile notary public services in Woodland Hills can help in various situations, including:

Estate Planning

Having a mobile public notary available can be especially helpful during estate planning. A professional notary can ensure that all documents are signed and notarized correctly, minimizing the chances of mistakes.

We can also help with any family law proceedings that may require notarization.

Business Transactions

If you are in the middle of a business transaction and need documents notarized, having a mobile notary public on hand can save you time. We can come to you, so you don’t have to waste time traveling to a notary office.

Even if you’re across town, Fast Notary Service can come to meet you to provide mobile notary services in Los Angeles. From Woodland Hills to Encino and everywhere in between, we are here to help you with your business notary needs.

Real Estate Transactions

Amid a real estate deal? Having a mobile notary public can help make the process go more smoothly. A professional notary can meet with all parties involved and ensure that all documents are appropriately handled.

Whether you’re a real estate attorney in need of a mobile notary public, or you need some documents notarized, our team at Fast Notary Service is here to help.

Hospital Visits

If a loved one is admitted to a hospital and needs important documents signed, a mobile notary public can come to them. This convenience will minimize any stress or inconvenience during this difficult time.

In situations like these, it’s helpful to have a mobile notary public on hand for personal emergencies.

Loan Signings

A mobile notary public is a valuable resource for loan signings. They can come to you, wherever you are, to ensure that all the paperwork is in order and properly executed.

When you have the convenience of notary loan signing services, you can reduce the stress of traveling to a notary’s office. Plus, you can be sure that you’re working with a professional who knows the ins and outs of notarization.

Benefits of Using Traveling Notary Public Services

Besides being able to meet you wherever you are in Woodland Hills or Los Angeles, our mobile notary public services have several other benefits:

  • We’re available 24/7
  • We have a team of discreet, professional notaries
  • We’re familiar with all types of notarizations
  • We offer competitive rates

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At Fast Notary Service, we are committed to providing mobile notary public services that meet your needs. With extensive involvement in the field, we are qualified to handle all sorts of transactions, from notary loan signing services to legal affidavits. Contact us today to get started!

For more information on traveling notary services in Woodland Hills, please get in touch with us at (818) 578-5973 or visit our website at We look forward to helping you with all your traveling notary needs!

Mobile Notary Services

Encino Notary Public Journal 4.21.17

Encino Notary Public Journal 4.21.17

We are an Encino notary public company that performs loan signing services for banks and escrow companies. Additionally, we also perform the typical notary assignments. Furthermore, we courier documents from client to attorney, as a built in cost to mobile notary our services.

I also provide signing services. Attorneys that need a traveling notary that can take documents to their clients to sign and be notarized. This includes prenuptial agreements, Trusts and contracts. In addition, our signing services also acts as a same day courier. Our signing services accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Provide additional value to the attorney/law firm. Clients no longer need to hassle with difficult scheduling and traveling to the attorney’s office. We courier the documents to them at their convenience of time and location. Notarized those documents and return them to the attorney.
  2. We save everyone time. The attorney/law firm no longer need to hassle with scheduling their clients. Or having to travel to their client’s home/ business and lose valuable billing time. The attorney can now teleconference in while I conduct the signing of the legal documents.
  3. Saving money. Attorneys either bill by the hour or set a flat fee for thier service. We free up your time by having a notary signing agent service handle the signing of the legal documents. Thus giving the attorney more time to work on other projects. A quick phone call will resolve most issues, if any arise during the signing.
Saving Businesses Money

Our signing services are ideal for attorneys and small law firms. They avoid the liability and costs associated with maintaing an in house notary. Attorney’s save time by entrusting us with the signing process. Our notaries are familiar with most legal and financial documents. This includes, but not limited to: Trusts, prenuptial agreements, loan signings, escrow documents, and more. Another benefit is having the pease of mind that your client is in good hands. Becuase we understand that professionalism is important to attorneys. So if you wish to learn more about our services, call or email us.

Mobile Notary Services

Traveling Encino Notary Public Journal Entry 4.14.17

Traveling Encino Notary Public Journal

Another week has come and gone as a Traveling Encino Notary Public. The loan signing side of my business has been rather slow. As a 24/7 mobile notary, it is important to have a wide pool of job sources. Whether it be attorneys, banker or escrow officer, a notary needs to continue to network. One thing I do focus on more than anything is online marketing. 90% of my business comes from people inquiring about notary publics near them. The rest is from Yelp, which I only maintain my free profile. (The cost of advertising on Yelp is  too high).

In addition to being a 24/7 notary public in Encino, Ca, I am also a tax preparer and an Independent LegalShield Associate. Preparing taxes is seasonal and helps cushion the slow times. LegalShield is a great way to build residual income. This is important for me since I am self-employed and have no vacations. With LegalShield I can have a small stream of income (goal to make it large) even during times when I am not actively working. We welcome any self-employed notary public to inquire more about it.

I am looking to network with other notary public’s.Referral work from another notary public is preferred over work from a signing company. I try not to work with signing companies. Signing companies are the middle men that take money away from notary publics. They rank high on search engines, bargin notary fees to a minimum and expect the notary to take the bottom barrel pricing.