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Professional Notary Public

Professional Notary Public

A Professional Notary Public can help you avoid costly mistakes. Part-time notaries aren’t always aware of all the notary laws. California has strict notary laws, that changes often. A professional notary public is always up to date on the notary laws and practices. Additonally, a professional notary is dedicated to executing notarizations perfectly.

I started my notary career in 2007. I worked for a reputable estate planning law firm in Encino. In 2012, I deceded to start Fast Notary Service. I provided professional notary services to Los Angeles area. Additonally, I focused my business to serve other professionals and businesses. This allowed business to worry less about notarizations with errors. Therefore, companies can focus on other issues. We have executed over 2,000 notarizations to date.

Professionals that can benefit

Attorneys can greatly benefit from our services. Their clients can easily get notarized anytime and anywhere with our services. We can assist with signing of legal documents such as prenuptial agreements, trusts, contracts. In addition, our signing services also acts as a same day courier. Thus, our signing services accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Provide additional value to the attorney/law firm. Clients no longer hassle with difficult scheduling or traveling. We courier the documents to them at their convenience of time and location. Notarized those documents and return them to the attorney.
  2. We save everyone time. The attorney/law firm is freed from scheduling their clients. Avoid losing valuable billing time. The attorney can teleconference in while signing the legal documents.
  3. Saving money. Attorneys either bill by the hour or set a flat fee for thier service. We free up your time by having a notary signing agent service handle the signing of the legal documents. Thus, giving the attorney more time to work on other projects. A quick phone call will resolve most issues, if any arise during the signing.
Saving Businesses Money

Our signing services are ideal for attorneys and small law firms. They avoid the liability and costs associated with maintaing an in house notary. Attorney’s save time by entrusting us with the signing process. Our notaries are familiar with most legal and financial documents. This includes, but not limited to: Trusts, prenuptial agreements, loan signings, escrow documents, and more. Additionally, we aren’t afraid to ask the right questions. As a result, we avoid mistakes. Another benefit is having the pease of mind that your client is in good hands. Becuase we understand that professionalism is important to attorneys. So if you wish to learn more about our services, call or email us.

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Introverts Make Great Notary Public

Introverts Make Great Notary Public

I’m an introvert. I’m social, but just prefer small groups or one on one. There’s nothing wrong with extroverts being a Encino Mobile Notary Public . Introverts are more suited to a one on one type of interaction like a notary public. Extroverts tend to overtake the conversation and overwhelm the client with banter. Whenever I meet a client, I can create rapport instantly. If the client is very social and enjoys to converse, then I will oblige them. If the client just wants to get their document notarized and move on, then I avoid small talk and notarize their documents quickly. As an Encino Mobile Notary Public, my clientele are typically professionals.

My clients are very happy and satisfied with my notary services. I am sensitive to their moods, personalities, and situations. I always make it my mission to leave my notary clients happy enough to call me again for their next notary need. Or they refer me to a friend or family memeber.

Mobile Notary Public in Encino

Since I am a notary centrally located in Encino, Ca. I can quickly attend to the notary needs of Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, and Woodland Hills. I also travel to other nearby Los Angeles cities. When my client mentions how fast the notary service was, I hand them my business card and let them know that’s why I named my business “Fast Notary Service.” I avoid going to too far from my area. This helps me be punctual to all of my appointments throughout the day. If you are outside my service area, I can still refer you to a professional notary near you. I network with notaries all around Los Angeles county. It’s sometimes nerve wrecking to find a good notary. I’m one of them and I also know others all over Los Angeles county.