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Encino Mobile Notary – Our Youtube Video

Encino Mobile Notary – Our Video

Just wanted to share our fast Encino Mobile Notary youtube video. As a Encino Mobile Notary public, our goal is to provide the very best service. Additionally, we provide value to businesses that have regular notary needs. As a result of our great service, client’s refer our services to their friends and family. Sometimes we focus on price too much that we forget value. As the saying goes “You get what you pay for.” Not all notary public’s are created equal. Some are part time, mostly with very little knowledge. Professional notary public’s are familiar with many legal and financial documents. Professional notary public’s are savy on the latest Secretary of Sate news and laws affecting the notary world. Finally, don’t be scared to call. Because we are always happy to answer your questions.

Our main office is located in Encino, California. We also have professional and secure conference rooms to use if you decide to make an appointment at our offices. We assist with notarizing many legal and financial forms. Due to demand, we also refer you to a service for affordable legal help. This legal service helps you with a vast majority of legal issues. Contact us for more information. Finally, as professional notary public’s, we are familiar with many legal and financial documents. If you need help going through the documents, we are more then happy to assist. Therefore, call us or email us.

Our video outlines the reasons why it is beneficial for someone to use our mobile notary services. We do work with other notaries in surrounding areas, so we’ll be more than happy to refer you to reliable professional notary public. We hope the video answers some of your questions and confusions about a notary.


Mobile Notary Services

After Hours Mobile Notary Public

Typically people work 9-5 jobs. That’s why i offer 24/7 mobile notary services to the public. Yes it may cost a little more because of a travel fee charge. It’s the cost of convenience for the client and the cost of business for myself.

Remember, a person has to take time out of their day, (unpaid time) to drive over to a notary public, look for parking, wait in line, get their docs notarized and then drive back in a rush. Yes that sounds a bit much, but those are the actions taken.

Whereas a call to Fast Notary Service to setup an appointment later in the day (home or coffee shop) to notarize at their leisure. Typically, a notarization of one document for one person’s signature takes only about 5 minutes. So your whole notary experience is boiled down to a 2 minute call and a quick meeting with you to notarize your documents. Whereas one driving over to a notary public would take at least an hour (depending on traffic and parking).

There are people who are fortunate enough to work near a notary public’s office. That reduces the time to about 20 minutes, but that is still 20 minutes of either unpaid time or taken away from your lunch.

Just remember that Fast Notary Service offers 24/7 mobile notary services to Los Angels County (i.e. Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Calabasas, etc.)