A Decade of Notary Excellence: The Success and Imitation of Fast Notary Service

Introduction Fast Notary Service has been a trusted name in the notary business for over a decade. With 11 years of dedicated service, our commitment to efficiency and legal compliance has made us a go-to choice for clients in need of quick and reliable notarization. However, our success has not only brought us loyal clients […]

Notary Public Sherman Oaks- Slow down in loan signings

Slow down in loan signings Notary Public Sherman Oaks like myself, have noticed a slow down in signings for refi loans.  (Despite lowest rates http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/ct-mortgage-rates-20170105-story.html) One cause is the stagnant wage (http://myrefinancetoday.com/does-fourth-quarter-gdp-foretell-a-slowdown-in-home-affordability#sthash.0Eq4UqTZ.dpbs) Perhaps there may be a pick up later in the year once loan applications have been processed. Until then, self-employed notary public’s need […]