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Encino Notary Public Journal 7.27.18

Encino Notary Public Journal 7.27.18

Now for another Encino Notary Public near you Journal entry. I have been working with other notary publics in the area, which has benefited everyone in the group. Especially the newer notaries who don’t have as much work.

We are an Encino notary public company that performs loan signing services for banks and escrow companies. Additionally, we also perform the typical notary assignments. We also courier documents from client to attorney, as a built in cost to our mobile notary services.

Attorneys that want to avoid the hassle of maintaining a notary in house can greatly benefit from our services. By using our traveling notary services their clients can easily sign documents anytime and anywhere. We can assist with signing of legal documents such as prenuptial agreements, trusts, affidavits and contracts. In addition, our signing services also acts as a same day courier. Our signing services accomplishes 3 things:

  1. Provide additional value to the attorney/law firm. Clients no longer need to hassle with difficult scheduling and traveling to the attorney’s office. We courier the documents to them at their convenience of time and location. Notarized those documents and return them to the attorney.
  2. We save everyone time. The attorney/law firm no longer need to hassle with scheduling their clients. Or having to travel to their client’s home/ business and lose valuable billing time. The attorney can now teleconference in while I conduct the signing of the legal documents.
  3. Saving money. Attorneys either bill by the hour or set a flat fee for thier service. We free up your time by having a notary signing agent service handle the signing of the legal documents. Thus giving the attorney more time to work on other projects. A quick phone call will resolve most issues, if any arise during the signing.
Saving Businesses Money

Our signing services are ideal for attorneys and small law firms. They avoid the liability and costs associated with maintaing an in house notary. Attorney’s save time by entrusting us with the signing process. Our notaries are familiar with most legal and financial documents. This includes, but not limited to: Trusts, prenuptial agreements, loan signings, escrow documents, and more. Another benefit is having the pease of mind that your client is in good hands. Becuase we understand that professionalism is important to attorneys. So if you wish to learn more about our services, call or email us.

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Mobile Notary Services

Notary Public Sherman Oaks- Slow down in loan signings

Slow down in loan signings

Notary Public Sherman Oaks like myself, have noticed a slow down in signings for refi loans.  (Despite lowest rates One cause is the stagnant wage ( Perhaps there may be a pick up later in the year once loan applications have been processed. Until then, self-employed notary public’s need to diversify into other areas of the notary business. So suggestions of additional sides business for a Notary Public Sherman Oaks:

Bookkeeping- If you know accounting, then this would be the best side gig to add to your notary business. You can work on it at anytime, regardless of sporadic scheduling. It’s a consistant stream of income since bookkeepers charge on a month to month basis. A great way to stabilize your monthly income.

Wesbites/Desgin- If you know how to code and create websites or if you have an eye for web design, then this is also a great side gig that you can work around your notary schedule.

MLM- If you have a passion/believe in a MLM product or service, then add it to your notary services. MLM (multi level marketing) get a bad rap from the 90’s, which aren’t bad. For example, I’m also a LegalShield associate, a legal services plan. It’s comprehensive legal coverage and a lot of my notary clients have need for affordable legal help. These two things have great synergy, and takes no major additional effort to recommend LegalShield to my clients as I notarize their documents.

Let’s Connect!

That’s why I am reaching out to local business around me in hopes of acquiring more clients, rather than customers. Customers come and go, while a client is a business relationship that incurs repeat business. As a mobile notary based in Encino, Ca, I can travel as far north as Oxnard, as far east as Valencia, as far west as Santa Monica and as far south as Glendale. Additionally, I am a notary that is open 24/7. My office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday. I charge a small travel fee for mobile notary services, but please call for rates as they do vary on distance and time of travel (i.e. rush hour cost more time for me to travel, or if going further than the San Fernando valley).


Mobile Notary Services

Assistance with Loan Documents

If you are signing documents for a sale, purchase or refinance of a property, then contact us for assistance. We are experienced with bank, title and escrow documents, which helps make the signing quick and error free. Typically the company that provides the documents will send a notary to help, but in some circumstance that isn’t always the case. We carry 100k in E&O insurance as testament to our professionalism in handling your signing.

Remember, all notary signing agents can only answer questions that be answered by directing you to the proper document. Any questions that begins with “Why” “How” “When” are to be directed to the loan officer or escrow officer that sent the documents to you.

As always, we are 24/7 mobile notary public and loan signing service. So never hesitate to contact us for help with your loan singing or sellers documents.