Why Notaries shouldn’t waste time on Uber

Instead of writing a long boring story of why self employed notaries (or anyone else fr that matter) shouldn’t use Uber as a way to earn additional money. The video below explains it perfectly. The video by SciQ really breaks down the awful reality of driving as a taxi service. As a mobile notary in […]

Assistance with Loan Documents

If you are signing documents for a sale, purchase or refinance of a property, then contact us for assistance. We are experienced with bank, title and escrow documents, which helps make the signing quick and error free. Typically the company that provides the documents will send a notary to help, but in some circumstance that […]

Fast Notary Service- 24/7 Mobile Notary Service Provider

In Encino and the San Fernando Valley in general, there are many notary public businesses. Most notary public’s are individuals that are employed by either an attorney, bank or P.O. Box place. The rest are individual entrepreneurs who have chosen notary public as their business. Many new notary public entrepreneurs come and go, few are […]