Responsibilities of a Notary

I previously post “What is a Notary Public?”, but I didn’t go in depth their various duties. Yes, a Notary Public is a public officer appointed by the Secretary of State and we know that a Notary Public is there to verify if a document is signed and completed by the person named in the document.

Aside from notarizing documents, a Notary Public administeCalifornia Notary Acknowledgmentrs oaths and affirmations which according to an article titled, “What Are Notary Public Job Duties” from, “… [A]re pledges on a person’s honor stating that he is telling the truth and can be held legally accountable for providing false information. Under the law, a person who takes an oath that’s later found to contain untrue statements can be penalized for perjury. Oaths are commonly administered during court proceedings and when swearing in public officials for their new role.” Usually oaths or affirmations are taken and administered before any reading or signing of documents occur.

Another responsibility of a Notary Public is to take depositions and affidavits. By definition, a deposition or an affidavit is, “… [T]he written testimony, or statement of facts, taken by a witness under oath, according to an article titled, “What Are Notary Public Job Duties” on Although it may not seem like much, a Notary does have quite a few of responsibilities to uphold.
There are many other types and kinds of responsibilities a Notary Public can have; it also depends on the state and their laws and regulations that can give Notaries their responsibilities.

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