Night Owl

Being a night owl and being a mobile notary can go hand in hand. If a notary is willing to take signings after typical business hoursnight_owl, then there is a good chance of getting more business due to catering to the availability of clients. It makes sense that some people out there who run businesses or just don’t have the time to schedule an appointment during the day would need a notary at unconventional hours. It’s very possible that a business owner who runs shop all day between 9am to 5pm needs a notary in the evening.

Being a night mobile notary can bring more business and financial stability, but there are also consequences. For example, the time devoted to family or friends after regular business hours will be taken up by notary appointments. Also, there might be clients who will call you at odd hours of the night who need a notarization. It would look very unprofessional if you did not pick up because you were asleep and these late night appointments will interrupt sleep patterns as well.

The Trade-off of being a night notary is you may gain more business, but you will lose certain things like sleep and the time meant for family and friends.

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