Being a Mobile Notary in Encino, Los Angeles part 2

Notary in Encino- Networking

After presenting for my networking group, I found myself surprised. The positive feedback and questions made me realize a lot. That most people really don’t know the purpose of a notary public. They never knew so much was involved for being a notary. And what it takes to notarize a document properly. I truly felt like a professional Notary Public in Encino.

My networking group meets in Encino in one of the conference rooms where I take my notary clients. We meet every Tuesday morning @ 8 am to network and discuss networking activities. As the mobile notary in the group, I have also found out that no other notary joins networking groups, which was to my surprise. I believe networking is very vital for a mobile notary in Los Angeles and surrounding cities like Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills and so on. Below is my previous post on being a notary. Enjoy!

It doesn’t happen often, but I do occasionally get asked, “How is it being a notary. I always answer honestly, it has its ups and downs. First of all, there are ten of thousands of notary publics in California alone, with hundreds joining the rank on a monthly basis. The cost to start up is well above $800.00 once you add up the cost of classes, test, bond, filing fee, E&O insurance, seal, journal, business cards, etc. When I started out work was very sparse and I was competing with a dozen notaries within my own neighborhood.

Experienced Notary Public

I can now say I am at a better position. With over 1,000 loan signings, having attended various networking events and groups, I have finally established a steady stream of notary business. Fast Notary Service mostly serves the Encino, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Tarzana, and Beverly Hills areas. We always show up on time and professionally dressed. I make it a priority to leave my clients happy with my notary service.

Being a notary is interesting. My hours are random. I am my own boss (but also my own marketing person, receptionist, accountant, etc.). If I am not busy with notary work then I am busy with marketing and back office work. Since it’s tax season, I am currently working on my accounting. So there’s always something to do to better my business.

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