How Great Service Can Lead to More Clients

A great way to accumulate business is to offer as many perks to the client as possible, and to also make convenience for the client a top priority. These are just some of the key perks and conveniences we offer to our clients.
1) Simple yet, Great Services: By condensing the notary and client interaction to two steps; a phone conversation to schedule an appointment and the actual appointment, this cuts down on time and simplifies things.
2) No Hassle until the Appointment: The client can go about their day working at the office or taking care of the kids and doesn’t have to worry about anything until the appointment. The client can be reassured that we will be at the right location on time.
3) Hours and Time: The availability of time for scheduling appointments is endless. Our office hours are as early as 8am, and goes to 5pm and our mobile notary hours are 24/7.
4) Payment Options: We take all of the 3 C’s: cash, check and credit
5) Service Area: Majority of Los Angelesgreat customer service and parts of Ventura County. The greater the distance the more the traveling fee goes up. But if the client is close to our office’s location then we will throw in a reduced price for the traveling fee.

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