Comparing an “In-House Notary” to a “Out of House” Notary

An “In-House Notary Public” is typically someone who is employed, and becomes a Notary Public out of convenience of their employer. For an employer, having a Notary Public “In-House” at a business is a great convenience. The employer no longer has to deal with scheduling an outside Notary to come to their business to notarize their clients’ documents.

A full-time, independent Notary Public is an entrepreneur. They did not receive their commission solely to use once in a while. They are actively in the business of being a professional Notary Public. fast-notary-logo

In regards to how knowledgeable an “In-House” Notary Public knows compared to a Out of House Notary Public can vary greatly in discrepancy. While an “In-House” Notary Public may know enough to pass the exam and execute a few notarization throughout the year, a Out of House Notary Public executes notarization dozens of times within a week or even a day. The  Out of House Notary Public” is pro-active in their continuing education of notary regulations. They encounter a vast array of documents and situations, whereas an “In-House” Notary Public is limited to straightforward simple notarial acts.

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