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Sherman Oaks Notary Public – Mobile Notary Networking

Sherman Oaks Mobile Notary Public – Mobile Notary Networking

Being a professional Sherman Oaks Mobile Notary Public isn’t easy. I need to constantly market and network my services in Sherman Oaks. Excellent clients for a Sherman Oaks Mobile Notary Public are attorneys, escrow officers and bankers. Since becoming an independent Associate of LegalShield, I also find it valuable to network with other notary publics.

I have tried reaching out to other notary public in the past. They either don’t respond to emails/messages or don’t follow up after meeting. It’s as if most don’t value other notary public’s for referral work or help. Signing companies are the cut throat competition for notary public’s. I may not be a signing company but I can’t be at two places at once. That is why I would like to network with other notary public’s like myself.

Hopefully they will stumble across this blog and reach out.

Sherman Oaks Notary

I am still looking to network with Attorneys, Bankers, Escrow Companies, Title Companies, and small businesses that have an occasional need for a notary. We add value to your business. Busy clients can relax and schedule to sign those docs anytime! Hence, using our services boosts your company’s value.

I am also looking to network with other notary public in the Los Angeles area. Please contact me!


Mobile Notary Services

Encino Notary Public – Good Times

Encino Notary Public – Good Times

Some memorable notary clients in Encino and Sherman Oaks include an Ex-VP of Princess Cruise and a Secret Service couple. Notary signings I’ve done in Sherman Oaks and encino were mostly for people who were too busy. Which is my business message: You’re time is too valuable to waste, so have Fast Notary Service (the premiere mobile notary in Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Woodland Hills, Beverly Hills, Tarzana and surrounding Los Angeles cities) help you notarize your documents at your convenience (and fast!).

As a 24/7 mobile notary in Encino and Sherman Oaks, I rarely get that late night call. I’ve gotten a call as late as 11pm, but fortunately it was nearby. Sometimes people forget that we provide this valuable (24/7) service as a convenience (at a reasonable cost). So asking for discounts is difficult. We are a small business that is here to help.

If there is any non-profits that need affordable notary services, call us. I’ll be more than happy to help. If anyone has served in the U.S. military, I will apply a discount.

I am still looking to network with Attorneys, Bankers, Escrow Companies, Title Companies, and small businesses that have an occasional need for a notary. Avoid the liability and costs of an in house notary. Passing the cost on to the client helps your bottom line. It also helps reduce your liability. Plus, having a mobile notary courier documents to and from the client is an added value. Clients truly appreciate our services, especially the convenience.

I am also looking to network with other notary public in the Los Angeles area. If you are in the San Fernando Valley, Westlake area, or Santa Monica area, call us. Please contact me and let’s network! Let’s join together and prosper!


Mobile Notary Services

Encino Notary Public – Horror Story

Encino Notary Public – Horror Story

I have been an Encino Notary Public for over 8 years. I have experienced the good and the bad. One of the most stressful experiences I’ve had was a loan signing in Sherman Oaks. I arrived on time and met with the borrowers. Everything was going smoothly until one of the borrowers showed me their ID. It didn’t ]match the name on the paperwork. For California, we need to have either matching information between ID and documents or at least more info on the ID than the documents. She had less information on her ID. I did offer an alternative solution. Maybe if she wasn’t angry it would have worked.

So I called the escrow company for our options. Needless to say, the borrower was furious that I didn’t notarize her documents. She couldn’t grasp the purpose of an Encino Notary Public. And she began to berate me and the notary profession. Because I didn’t want to notarize her without proper ID.  After an hour of her yelling and hurling insults at me, I calmly excused myself from the signing. I had remained calm the entire ordeal. Becoming upset like her would only make it worse.

Despite the occasional hiccup and several other horror stories, I still love and enjoy what I do. Being a 24/7 mobile notary in Encino is great. Overall people here are good and interesting.

Small Law Firms

I am still looking to network with Attorneys, Bankers, Escrow Companies, Title Companies, and small business that would like to network with a professional notary company.


Mobile Notary Services

Encino Notary Public – Notary Signing Agent

Encino Notary Public- Encino Notary Signing Agent

As an Encino Notary Public, I am also a Signing Agent. A notary signing agent is a notary public that took additional education to understand and be familiar with loan signings. As an Encino Notary public, I took extra classes through the NNA to educate myself loan signings. I’ve been a notary signing agent since 2012. The education paled in comparison to the actual experience of a loan signing. I have performed thousands of loan signings, from refinance, reverse mortgages, to purchases and commercial signing. Therefore, my experience was my true teacher. The documents and requirements between banks, title companies, and escrow companies varied so much. In conclusion, only experience could really show me what was truly involved.

My experience as an Encino Notary Signing Agent has allowed me to better myself. Escrow companies and title companies contact me for their VIP clients and other high profile signings. Because, at this point in my notary public career, I do not make mistakes.

I want to add to the signing agent role into other areas. Areas like legal documents: Trusts and prenuptial agreements. We are looking for attorney’s that want to save money and work with a professional notary. I have helped dozens of attorneys with the execution of legal documents at their clients home or office. Furthermore, we help the attorney save time, provide additional value to their client and save money.


Mobile Notary Services

Being a Mobile Notary in Encino, Los Angeles part 2

Notary in Encino- Networking

After presenting for my networking group, I found myself surprised. The positive feedback and questions made me realize a lot. That most people really don’t know the purpose of a notary public. They never knew so much was involved for being a notary. And what it takes to notarize a document properly. I truly felt like a professional Notary Public in Encino.

My networking group meets in Encino in one of the conference rooms where I take my notary clients. We meet every Tuesday morning @ 8 am to network and discuss networking activities. As the mobile notary in the group, I have also found out that no other notary joins networking groups, which was to my surprise. I believe networking is very vital for a mobile notary in Los Angeles and surrounding cities like Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills and so on. Below is my previous post on being a notary. Enjoy!

It doesn’t happen often, but I do occasionally get asked, “How is it being a notary. I always answer honestly, it has its ups and downs. First of all, there are ten of thousands of notary publics in California alone, with hundreds joining the rank on a monthly basis. The cost to start up is well above $800.00 once you add up the cost of classes, test, bond, filing fee, E&O insurance, seal, journal, business cards, etc. When I started out work was very sparse and I was competing with a dozen notaries within my own neighborhood.

Experienced Notary Public

I can now say I am at a better position. With over 1,000 loan signings, having attended various networking events and groups, I have finally established a steady stream of notary business. Fast Notary Service mostly serves the Encino, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Tarzana, and Beverly Hills areas. We always show up on time and professionally dressed. I make it a priority to leave my clients happy with my notary service.

Being a notary is interesting. My hours are random. I am my own boss (but also my own marketing person, receptionist, accountant, etc.). If I am not busy with notary work then I am busy with marketing and back office work. Since it’s tax season, I am currently working on my accounting. So there’s always something to do to better my business.

Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary Encino- Reaching out

Mobile Notary Encino- Let’s connect

I would love to network with my fellow mobile notary public entrepreneur’s and here’s why:

Never lose an opportunity for business. As a Mobile Notary Encino, I can only be at one place at a time. That’s why I refer clients to other notary public. Those notary public’s are in my network. It’s difficult to network with other notaries. Some don’t respond at all. Others that seem interested, fail to reach back. It’s disappointing to see other notary public’s be so hesitant to make that connection. As a Mobile Notary Public in Encino I don’t see other notary public’s as rivals. I see them as allies. They send me work, I pay them a referral fee. I send them work, they send me a referral fee. It’s better than what signing companies offer.

A working relationship with another notary helps both grow and prosper. Instead of competing with each other, we should banding together. The real threat to the notary public business are the “signing companies.” Signing companies are the unwanted middle men. Due to their low ball offers to notary public professionals on a national scale. Therefore, a fellow notary public is a great referral source. We don’t wait months to be paid. I pay my referral fee the moment the notary work is done.

Professional Notary Publics Unite!

There are hundreds of businesses in Encino. As a mobile notary public in Encino, I have plenty of work. The signing companies take the notary jobs from us. They pay us pennies on the dollar and make us wait months. Signing companies love to say “That’s what we pay.” Signing companies also tell us, “Other notary public’s take this much.” First of all, I work for myself. No one but me dictates what I charge. I do work with the few signing companies that pay fair fees. Maybe we all need to tell the signing companies to take a hike.