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Encino Notary Public – What a day!

Encino Notary Public – What a day!

Being a Notary Encino Public has its challenges. It can start out very quiet and slow. Then a burst of phone calls can happen without warning. Calls after calls, without rest. Some regarding notary services and others regarding notary loan signing services for banks and escrows. Writing down the details of each appointment can be hard. Hence why I always keep a pen and pad of paper handy.

Printing documents inbetween notary appointments can add a lot of stress. I always pray that traffic won’t be bad. I consider Los Angeles traffic to be the top challenges of being a mobile notary in Encino. Los Angeles traffic can mess up a notary public’s schedule. It has happened to me before. Another challenge for a notary public are flawed documents. Since notary public’s deal with various documents, it’s difficult to review them all.

Solo Attorney / Small Law Firms

We are looking to network with attorneys / lawyers / small law firms. Why not pass the cost of notarization to the clients?  Fast Notary Service offers 24/7 professional mobile notary services. We are always on time, professionally dressed and execute error free notarial services. I have helped many attorneys/lawyers/law firms with signing and notarizing legal documents. In addition to making the signing process easy for your client, we can pass the cost to them directly. It may seem like a better idea to have an in housenotary, but you are taking on additional expenses and liabilities.

No need to maintain a costly in house notary. With today’s turn around rate of employees, avoid the hassle and hire Fast Notary Service. We are driven to provide excellent notary serivce. We pass the cost of the notarization to the client. Or we can discount the cost of notarizations to you and your firm. Call us to find out how we can help you save money and add value to your law firm or practice.



Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary Public in Encino and Networking

Mobile Notary and Networking

One of the most difficult things about being a mobile Notary Public in Encino is going out to networking events. There are different barriers to overcome, but they can be conquered with confidence.

First, there’s the random schedule. You can have days of back to back appointments. Other days of no appointments. And occasional days of appointments with long gaps between each other.  Attending a networking event can be challenging. A last minute notary need can throw off your networking intentions.

Second, networking events cost money. From entry fees to annual dues, networking is not free. Some networking groups do have better (ROI) than alternative marketing plans. Limit the costs by visiting the networking groups (only join if the group is to your liking). This also applies to Chamber of Commerce chapters. There are websites where professionals network for free, so be sure to check them out as well.

Last but not least, the hurdle of “selling yourself.” A notary must overcome the “Oh, you’re just a notary?”  line. Do not sell yourself short as a Notary Public in Encino . Professional notary public’s should distinguish themselves. As professional notary public, we pride ourselves in notary education and knowledge. We dress in  professional attire. Our expereince and our ability to provide value to the notary experience when traveling to the client.


I am surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of other notary publics. Many notary public’s are part time. Few make it as full time notary public. I am finding my niche in the notary public business. Something I realized early on, don’t be afraid to network with other notaries. While it is difficult to find trustworthy honest notary’s, it will prove valuable. When notary public’s can network together, then they can succeed together. Find value in yourself as a notary, and you’ll find value in your business.

Mobile Notary Services

Introverts Make Great Notary Public

Introverts Make Great Notary Public

I’m an introvert. I’m social, but just prefer small groups or one on one. There’s nothing wrong with extroverts being a Encino Mobile Notary Public . Introverts are more suited to a one on one type of interaction like a notary public. Extroverts tend to overtake the conversation and overwhelm the client with banter. Whenever I meet a client, I can create rapport instantly. If the client is very social and enjoys to converse, then I will oblige them. If the client just wants to get their document notarized and move on, then I avoid small talk and notarize their documents quickly. As an Encino Mobile Notary Public, my clientele are typically professionals.

My clients are very happy and satisfied with my notary services. I am sensitive to their moods, personalities, and situations. I always make it my mission to leave my notary clients happy enough to call me again for their next notary need. Or they refer me to a friend or family memeber.

Mobile Notary Public in Encino

Since I am a notary centrally located in Encino, Ca. I can quickly attend to the notary needs of Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, and Woodland Hills. I also travel to other nearby Los Angeles cities. When my client mentions how fast the notary service was, I hand them my business card and let them know that’s why I named my business “Fast Notary Service.” I avoid going to too far from my area. This helps me be punctual to all of my appointments throughout the day. If you are outside my service area, I can still refer you to a professional notary near you. I network with notaries all around Los Angeles county. It’s sometimes nerve wrecking to find a good notary. I’m one of them and I also know others all over Los Angeles county.

Mobile Notary Services

Mobile Notary Public and Networking Groups

Mobile Notary Public and Networking

Fast Notary service is a mobile notary public company. I joined an excellent referral networking group. They meet every week on Tuesday for breakfast. We find ways to help each other grow. The members of my chapter are great professionals and have great positive outlooks. It’s very important to network your notary business at every possible chance. I learned more about the networking scene this year. Networking groups are more effective than events because they there is more time to know each other.

Why Networking

I get to work on my business introduction as a Mobile Notary Public. It’s important to be able to “pitch” your Mobile Notary Public business confidently and concisely. You also build confidence in yourself and your business. Every meeting is another opportunity to do better. As you build your yourself, you build your business. These networking groups are a great ROI (return of investment). Total annual cost for being in a networking group is under $1,000.00, but  you can recoup the cost within a few months. If you paid that much money in a news or magazine ad, you wouldn’t see a return worth mentioning.

I meet with other groups, not just my chapter. Hopefully, I will meet more like minded people and expand my business through other professionals. I’ve tried networking through the local chamber of commerce, but it wasn’t enough. I will look into other chapters that are within my mobile notary service area: Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Tarzana, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills and other nearby Los Angeles areas.

Networking is essential to new notary publics. This really enables them to learn their trade. Build expereince in professional social settings. Create connections that they didn’t have before. Expose their business to people who needs them. Personal development is also crucial. A networking group will help you refine and build your professional persona.



Mobile Notary Services

Being a Notary Public Sherman Oaks

Must be easy being a Notary Public Sherman Oaks

Being a Notary public Sherman Oaks has its ups and downs. There are tens of thousands of notary public’s in California. New notary public’s join every month. Start up costs is well over $800.00. There are many annual and monthly expenses. Competition with dozens of notary public’s locally. Many people think being a notary public is an easy job. But there are expenses, liabilities and hassles associated with being a professional notary.

Being a self employed notary public is difficult at first. There are notary public’s who charge too low. They don’t factor in their time and expenses. These notary public’s may have work, but end up making as much as a burger flipper. Add the competition of notary public’s who are employed at banks, attorney’s offices and PO Box mail centers. Therefore, most notary entrepreneurs will find it most difficult in the beginning.

Experienced Notary Public Sherman Oaks

I have learned a lot after several years and thousands of notarizations. I have finally established a steady stream of business. Fast Notary Service serves the Encino area. Our mobile notary services also covers Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Studio City, Tarzana, and Beverly Hills areas. We always show up on time and professionally dressed. Some notary publics don’t dress professionally. There are some notaries that fail to see benefits of covering a smaller area. They don’t realize that they will encounter headaches with scheduling and timing. While chargining less sounds good, it ends up being your downfall.

Being a notary public is great. But does have it’s own weird hassles. My hours are random. I am my own boss. When notary work is slow, I busy myself with marketing and accounting. Since it’s tax season, I am currently working on my accounting. So there’s always something to do. While others complain about slow business, I find look at it as opportunity to grow.